Sunday, October 15, 2006

GSM Tracker

sazo GSM tracker
GSM Tracker. - The Red Ferret Journal

The Sazo GSM Tracker. Track, monitor, communicate. Uses standard cell triangulation to keep track of…well whatever you want really.

Definitely a Handy Stalker Tool. This baby doesn't even need a cell phone and it is smaller than a credit card. I'm sure this will only be used for tracking grandma...

Monday, September 11, 2006

R/C Spy Video Car with Night Vision

ThinkGeek :: R/C Spy Video Car with Night Vision

That's right - this quiet R/C car has a video camera mounted on the front. It broadcasts to the black and white LCD HUD which plugs into the remote. You'll see everything your Spy Car sees (in bright light or in total darkness). And since it rides really low to the ground, you'll be able to go under tables, chair, pets, and anything else that gets in your way.

Boy, it is looking like a bumper crop month for Handy Stalker Tools. Fine, this isn't the best stalker tool, but it could work.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Recording Binoculars

Thanko BINOCA01 Recording Binoculars - Gizmodo

These Thanko binoculars zooms up to 7x48, captures video at15FPS VGA resolution, and still pictures at 2 megapixels with up to 2048x1536 resolution. Perfect for capturing owls, owls nests, owl mating, owl babies, and other owl-related scenes.

What is this?!?! Can it be? Yes! Another Handy Stalker Tool! W00t!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Smartvue V2 -- automatically configuring IP video surveillance

Smartvue V2 -- automatically configuring IP video surveillance - Engadget

Smartvue is releasing their new Smartvue S2 IP video surveillance system that offers MIMO wireless connectivity and automatic configuration of up to 10 cameras. The system can record at "DVD resolution" and automatically records to a 80GB or 250GB Digital Video Manager that can connect over a tethered-LAN or wirelessly. Smartvue allows for remote monitoring and administration via a PC or cellphone, and offers security via a 128 bit encrypted USB key.

Up to 10 cameras dumping to a 250 GB hard drive automagically. You know what that means folks. That's right. Another Handy Stalker Tool!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nokia Spy Safetyphone

nokia 3230
Nokia Spy Safetyphone

Fancy pulling off some espionage activities? Though these Nokia phones look like their normal counterparts, you can actually leave them alone on the table and head off. When no phone movement is detected, you will receive an SMS – this is the cue when you can give the spyphone a call and it will answer automatically, transmitting all that’s being said within a radius of 10 metres. The phone will not ring nor blink, so there’s no way someone will know you’re listening in! The Nokia Spy Safetyphone is not cheap at €969.00 upwards

Looks like another Handy Stalker Tool. Now you can eavesdrop on conversations from anywhere in the world with just a phone call. All for the bargain price of $1700.00!! Holy crap! Well, nobody said being a stalker was cheap.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Shower Clock Radio With... Spy Camera?

Shower Clock Radio With... Spy Camera? - Gizmodo

OK. This is kind of creepy. It’s a $189 water resistant clock radio with CD player and there’s a color spy camera built into it for… spying on people taking showers? I guess they have given up all pretense at products aimed at "security" and gone straight for the voyeur stuff. A Handy Stalker Tool? Yes indeed.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

GPS TrackStick

track stick

The TrackStick is a GPS tracking device that is roughly the size of an iPod Shuffle. One can program it to record the location, speed, and direction at specific intervals and view the 3D mapping and satellite imaging when needed. It’s a fantastic way to keep track of your kids or even keep an eye on your employees who seem to be claiming more mileage than they should. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the TrackStick works for 5 to 7 days before a change of batteries are required

Boy, it is looking like a bumper year for Handy Stalker Tools. More stalking fun than you can shake a (track) stick at.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Digital Telescope

digital telescope
THE RAW FEED: gadgets, games and geeks

A Japanese company called Kenko is offering a USB device called the Digi-Eyepiece that you attach to your TELESCOPE. Then you can watch the sky, record video and take digital pictures with your PC. It's the perfect USB accessory for amateur astronomers and peeping toms.

Now you can make any telescope into a digital voyeur recorder. That's right folks, more Handy Stalker Tools.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Teeny Tiny Hitachi RFID Chip

Teeny Tiny Hitachi RFID Chip: Big Whoop - Gizmodo

Smaller than a grain of salt, Hitachi’s newest RFID chip measures .005 x .005 inches and is 7.5 micrometers thin. Using Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology, it uses an external antenna to receive radio waves (2.45 GHz), and transforms it to energy to wirelessly transmit a 128-bit unique ID number for a high level of authenticity.

Woot! Even smaller RFID chips, oh boy! I'm sure RFID won't be ussed as a Handy Stalker Tool. Nope. RFID is good. RFID make Walmart even cheaper. Good RFID.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shutterbugs in the Dark

dark chip
News from PC Magazine: Shutterbugs in the Dark

At CES, Korean Company Planet82 demonstrated its eye-popping SMPD (Single Module Photo Detector) image sensor. The sensor's calling card is that it lets cameras take full-color photos or video in the dark—without a flash.

The SMPD is more sensitive to light than other image sensors, making it possible to take clear images even when the light level is less than 0.1 lux. One lux is equivalent to the brightness of a single candle 1 meter away in a dark room.

More Handy Stalker Tools! Stalking in color coming to a neighborhood near you.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Lights, Cameras—Everywhere

Clubbing Baby Seals...: Lights, Cameras—Everywhere

These technologies can already "greatly reduce the energy cost of capturing a digital image," says Mark Bocko, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the university. Bocko's team has a prototype chip that can directly digitize each pixel location in a CMOS sensor, using only three transistors per pixel to keep the sensor small. That translates into just 0.88 nanowatts per pixel at 30 frames per second of video—one-fiftieth of what today's sensors require.

Oh goody. That's what we need, more cameras. Sure, I'm a fairly rabid privacy nut, but do we really need cameras everywhere?

I like how they try and put a positve spin on it.
What if cameras were ubiquitous, wirelessly sending images to a security company when a home alarm goes off, letting mapping software zoom into real-time images at any location, and making cell-phone video calls workable?

Oh, well as long as it makes video cell calls workable...sigh.

Handy Stalker Tools in the making.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

World Tracker SMS

World Tracker SMS

The $600 World Tracker SMS is a GPS transmitter that sends SMSes to your cellphone along with the device'’s coordinates for a monthly fee. When integrated with Google Earth, it can provide a photo location within 3 meters of the tracking device. It can also be used as an anti-theft device for vehicles, alerting you the moment your vehicle moves more than 100 meters from its parked position.

My goodness. It has certainly been a bumper year so far for Handy Stalker Tools. Now you can stalk and see satellite photos too. Isn't technology great?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Infrared Webcam

THE RAW FEED-Infrared Webcam designed as an all-hours web camera. The red-infrared technology allows you to video chat in a low-light environment. If you want to do chat with a family member or a friend late in the evening, and don't want to disturb anyone, then the Trek 310 is the ideal web camera for those who like to stay up late. Trek 310 was designed with a special base, and it can stand elegantly or hang on the LCD monitor gracefully.

Riiiight. Just in case you don't want to turn on the lights. Uh huh. That's what the infrared is for. Sure, I believe it. Yet another Handy Stalker Tool.

Dress-Up Spy Wear

Buttonholed. - The Red Ferret Journal

If you wear this button-looking device on your suit, it records the situation of a spot and transmit the data to remote areas using the wireless transmit technology (Bluetooth) in real time. The device detects movements of an object and records them automatically. You can have access and communicate several Self Guard devices from anywhere you can use the internet.

Ah yes. More Handy Stalker Tools! Now you can record everything you do (while wearing a suit anyway). No privacy concerns here. Move along...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The smallest GPS chip ever

The smallest GPS chip evar? - The Red Ferret Journal

New Zealand company Rakon has just announced the worldÂ’s smallest GPS receiver chip (size = babyÂ’s fingernail). Look out for GPS functionality in watches Real Soon Now!

Yet another Handy Stalker Tool! Now we will be able track everyone all the time. Sweet!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

DriveSync tracks your kids' joyrides

DriveSync tracks your kids' joyrides - Engadget

Nothing gladdens our hearts more than seeing yet another paranoid parent kid tracking device aimed at locking down the hearts, minds and loins of today's youth. This one provides off-line GPS tracking (read: cheaper than real-time) of your vehicle so you can see when, where, how fast and how aggressively your teen is abusing the family getaway-mobile. The data is tracked passively and stored in a USB key that plugs into the receiver unit and detaches to be read on your home computer. The data is uploaded to a DriveSync server where it gets interpreted, generating reports including trip logs and usage alerts

Oh boy! More Handy Stalker Tools! Yet I still get flak for being a privacy nazi. Go figure.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Carson NM-1 NiteMax night vision viewer

The Carson NM-1 NiteMax night vision viewer - Engadget

...the Carson NM-1 NiteMax will give you a bright and clear picture in even the darkest conditions, and display it on the built-in 2.5-inch grayscale LCD screen. But if the screen's not enough for you, the RCA video output jack will let you connect the NiteMax to your camcorder or VCR so you can make a permanent record of whatever it is that's so important it can't wait until daytime. Buy now and you can get it for the low, low price of $289.99.

Umm...yeah, it's for bird-watching. No really. Not to be used for stalking at all.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hop-on's ChitterChatter GPS/cell watch

Hop-on's ChitterChatter GPS/cell watch - Engadget

Whether at work, home or traveling, simply use the Internet or any phone with SMS capabilities to quickly identify the location of the device within 300+ feet, in approximately 1 minute. The ChitterChatter Phone allows kids to stay in touch with close family and friends, or send their location by pressing the one-touch star button -- while letting parents manage costs.

Oh goody. More fun stalking...I mean kid saving devices. All for only $50.

More Handy Stalker Tools

Globatsat TR-101

Remote command control via mobile phones and/or through online software.
• Receive phone calls to have two way communications.
• Monitors can track the person without interfering him, LIVE! Real-Time tracking!
• Locate the locator holder with just a press of a button on PC software or through mobile phone via SMS (short messaging system).
• Report device holder’s position at a preset time interval.

More fun toys to stalk the Ex. Why the nice fun color scheme? To make "the children designs more fun to use."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Instant Replay Binoculars

instant_replay_binoculars - Instant Replay Binoculars

If you spend much time looking through binoculars, you’ve at some point probably wished you could replay an image you just saw. Bushnell had you in mind when coming up with these 8 x 32-magnification Instant Replay Digital Binoculars, which replay .35 megapixel video clips (15fps) or 2.1 megapixel still images on a 1.5” LCD screen. While the binoculars were designed for replay on the go, the set also comes with imaging software and a USB for transfer to your computer.

Ah, more useful stalker tools. Will wonders never cease?

Flying Digital Camera On Sale At Wal-Mart

rc airplane
THE RAW FEED: Flying Digital Camera On Sale At Wal-Mart

What's the coolest thing you can buy at Wal-Mart? It very well may be this RC airplane with built-in DIGITAL CAMERA. You take pictures from the plane by pressing a button on the remote. It's perfect for gadget geeks who already have everything else, nosy kids and peeping toms.

I don't know if this qualifies as a useful stalker tool or not but it is pretty cool. Can't find diddly shit on the specs, but it is from our friends over at Estes. Don't forget to check out thier hydrogen powered rocket too.

MII Flashcam—Stalker's Best Friend

MII Flashcam—Stalker's Best Friend - Gizmodo

Okay, this isn't as good for stalkers and peeping toms as much as it’s great for tactical/law enforcement types. The MII Flashcam appears to be a mild-mannered flashlight. Looks can be deceiving because this flashlight is fully loaded. This flashlight features a conveniently-mounted camera that can record video up to 640x480 and take snapshots at 3 megapixels. It also features LED infrared illumination, standard 85,000 candle power flashlight and a 1.5” TFT-LCD screen for playback and viewing of pictures.

Speaking of stalking tools. Fine, it probably is more useful for rent-a-cops. Can you imagine the embarrassment when you are trying to record some chick changing and hit the 85,000 candle power flashlight instead of the infrared?
Hey, does this mean I have to be more respectful to rent-a-cops? I hate rent-a-cops.

CarChipE/X with Alarm alerts teens of driving indiscretions

car chip
CarChipE/X with Alarm alerts teens of driving indiscretions - Engadget -

The device has been around for a while, mounting under your dash and tracking all sorts of things like car speed and RPM, sudden braking and acceleration, distance traveled, and fuel usage, which it stores in a 300 hour log. You can then take the CarChip and pull the data to your PC via USB and check on what your car has been up to. Now they’re adding an alarm functionality to alert the driver when they go above preset maximums for speed, braking, and acceleration, which we’re sure will annoy that drag racing teen of yours.

Ouch. Big brother for your daughter/son. As a privacy advocate I find this device appalling. As a parent, I have to resist the urge to buy this right now in case they stop making them when my daughter is old enough to drive. Really parents, this is a bad idea.
However, this might make an excellent addition to my collection of useful stalker tools.

Zapped! Homemade RFID Reader-Detector

Zapped! Homemade RFID Reader-Detector

You may have heard the term RFID and possibly even brought one home unknowingly. But what exactly is a Radio Frequency Identification tag? Why are Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense and the Food & Drug Administration sinking big bucks into these little chips and paving the way for mass implementation?
After a brief overview of the technology and its related issues, each participant will receive a Zapped! RFID workbook. Participate in one of several hands-on exercises. You can to build your own RFID keychain detector that will ring, vibrate or light up when a RFID reader is within range and scanning the airwaves for data. Or program a RFID tag to "talk back" to a RFID reader that you may uncover with your Zapped! keychain.

Seems my rampant paranoia is acting up again. No way anyone can abuse RFID. Nope. Add this to the list of useful stalker tools.

Friday, December 30, 2005

To Protect and Intrude

Yahoo! News - To Protect and Intrude

SAN DIEGO -- John Phillips peered down at the computer screen. Something didn't look quite right. It was 9:11 a.m. on the West Coast, or just past noon in the East, and all the bus drivers were supposed to be on break. The map of the District of Columbia showed hundreds of red blips representing vehicles that had been parked for more than an hour. But then there was one black dot, a lone bus, moving rapidly in the northwestern quadrant of the city.

More useful stalker tools for the masses.

Canadian Inventor Lets Everyone Be an Armchair Spy

Yahoo! News - Canadian Inventor Lets Everyone Be an Armchair Spy

Vincent Tao, an engineer at Toronto's York University said he has invented a mapping and surveillance tool called SAME (see anywhere, map anywhere), that produces images so sharp that geographic co-ordinates typed into a Web site can reveal the make of a car parked on the street. Tao said SAME works by taking satellite images of the Earth and combining them with real-time remote sensors that monitor traffic and weather. The information is reformatted on a searchable Web site that can capture ground-level images of the Earth with little or no time delay. The resolution is 2 feet -- fine enough to determine the make of a car, though not the details of a human face, according to Tao.

Gee, more handy dandy stalker tools.

Every Step You Take . . . Every Move You Make . . . My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You

Every Step You Take . . . Every Move You Make . . . My GPS Unit Will Be Watching You - Popular Science
hey fell for each other in grade school, in the sweetest of ways. In fifth-grade music class, she played saxophone; he played the snare drum. In high school biology, she held the frog while he wielded the scalpel. It was the sort of love story immortalized endlessly in romance novels and Top 40 long-distance dedications. “I thought when I married him it really would be ’till death do us part,’ ” she says now, still surprised that the marriage ended after 19 years. Ultimately, the romance had sputtered to a close, as so many love stories do. Unlike most love stories, though, this ending involved satellites.

Ahhhh, who says technology doesn't make things easier? A disturbing ,but unfortunately, unsuprising article from Popular Science about tech stalking. I will say that as soon as I read about the GPS enabled phones my first thought was exactly along the line of the article. Toss the old cell phone in the wife's trunk and track her in realtime over the web. I can't imagine why all the privacy people are up in arms about RFID.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dark Blue Chip: IMWatching

Dark Blue Chip: IMWatching

You want to spy on someones internet presence? Now you can with IMWatching. IMWatching lets you record and analyze anybody's Instant Messenger presence.

Most Instant Messenger users broadcast when they sign on, sign off, go idle, and flag themselves as away. This presence information is typically innocuous, useful for knowing if your buddies are available to chat. But when monitored continuously, over long time periods, those few signals tell a lot. This website lets you record and analyze anybody's IM activity. As of now it only supports AOL Instant Messenger, but it seems like they plan to support other platforms in the future.

Wow....have to file this one under my "Handy Stalker Tools" favorites.

Coming soon.

Coming soon.